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Thursday, November 26, 2009


First Anniversary of the Mumbai massacre

A really sad anniversary it is. Mindless and brutal violence shook us all. We were unable to respond to such a ghastly act. I am not talking from a mere law enforcement perspective but emotionally, politically and culturally the crudeness of this act left us loud in rage but speechless on comprehension. As we tearfully remember those we utterly unfairly lost a year ago the path ahead for our collective healing seems unclear.

There are many who prescribe violence in response to violence. Whereas there are those such as honorable Rabbi's and Imam's currently paying homage to the fallen who passionately argue that we need to fight madness with compassion and love. To some this may smack as yet another call to passivity but beyond the law enforcement task to disrupt those bent upon bringing humanity to its knees a deeper spiritual and cultural response must be probed. We need to take away the cultural, moral and spiritual shelter from under which such plots are planned and supported.

But we must acknowledge our pain and anger. However, we must channel it away from paltry revenge and towards creating the energy needed to painstakingly work with our friends from Pakistan to uproot the plotters not merely in the physical sense but also in the socio-political one. Religious extremism is an anethma to democratic evolution. Be it of the Muslim or the Hindu kind. Let's beware of predators who are ever ready to use the weapon of hate to incite ever greater oppression, marginalization and violence.

On this 26/11 the world could yet again commit to the overall empowerment of all peoples so that devious minds can never find any fertile ground to breed suicidal hate. This may sound like a very open-ended goal but its execution is decentralized and affords each one of us a chance to make an impact in our own locale and not wait for edicts from capitols. Please do join us once again in paying heartfelt homage to ones we lost and share our solidarity with loved ones left behind.


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