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As children we see the world as it is. We accept each other. We have no inhibitions and the peace that we shall so frantically seek in our later years is there for us to revel in. But very characteristic of our humanity is to flounder away something precious as that. At the same time there are children who are attacked by poverty and hunger. They are deprived of the most basic human essentials to lead a life of dignity. But why are these children in such a situation? An answer inevitably brings us face to face with the issues of such a sustained poverty, which has thrived in some places for millenniums now! It must not come as a surprise when we realize that a good deal of this sub-human existence that these dear ones find themselves in have origins in human thought and action. There is a human system that sustains human misery. We, at YOUNG INDIA want to start dismantling this system and pave, through our own modest and humble ways, the path for a system that is dynamic, global, and peaceful and redeems and preserves the value of human life. Above all it must be sustainable!

A mere statement or recognition of the impediments to global oneness and human development will not suffice if our intentions have an ounce of sincerity within them. An approach, a way of thinking in conjunction with tangible steps is the first starting step in our journey in search for answers. Scientific studies have shown that 99% of all human genetic makeup is similar. This fact ties in with almost all religious and secular humanist beliefs of a sense of oneness that resides within. A common humanity can only spring from an understanding that the differences that we perceive are merely a surface phenomenon. So, why not evolve a culture or revive those schools of thoughts that celebrate the outer diversity with the knowledge of the commonality that pervades within? What stops us? The other guy, who isn't as thoughtful? Weak. Mahatma Gandhi once said: Strength in numbers is the delight of the timid. The valiant in spirit glory in fighting alone. There are inspirations for us throughout history. Instances of an individual standing against what was wrong and making a difference for all times to come. Let us remember those and pay our homage to them through carrying forward that tradition.

A cultural basis such as this puts all humans on one platform. Each one of us has the ability to make ourselves heard and not be drowned by the noise of a maddening mob. Democracy is a natural product of our envisioned cultural Diaspora. But it too is an evolving idea. A democracy that furthers the right over majoritarianism is the one that we are in search of and want to build. Today such democracies are rarely found. Democracies are devoid of alternatives because social consciousnesses are in a state of stagnation or too self-indulged. Sectarianism and divisiveness are finding more room and acceptance in democracy by manifesting themselves as political tools. This is another cultural shortcoming that has come to bear upon democracies and their political systems.

Culture cannot, however, be sustained by goodwill alone (As much as we may want it to). Any society that neglects the material needs of its members is living in a state of delusory calm. A culture that talks of human dignity strives for the economic well being of all. Well-being need not necessarily translate into equality of wealth for all but it must mean an equality of opportunity. Such a cultural foundation alone can use democracy to fully express itself. A politics that facilitates such an expression is the need of this hour in history.

In conclusion, whatever we do we should always remember that life is a gift and if our search is for peace then we must find it within first. An understanding of the pain that others are in is essential to build a more compassionate and fair world. So, start thinking and exploring ways, big or small, through which you can contribute in creating such a culture. Remember that democracy is an inalienable part of such a culture and politics the medium to affect democracy. Hence, political activism must become our creed. Agitational politics has had its day and the time to discover an altogether new realm of political existence is upon us. This one has room for all as long as there is sincerity in our effort to reduce and eventually eradicate the misery of all of our fellow humans.


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