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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Remembering a martyr

Statistically it's only been 61 years since Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated but it seems like many already see him as a relic from the ancient past. Not us at Young India. His core message of peace through nonviolence and its strategic execution continue to drive us and our initiatives.

As we look back to pay homage to a great soul we once again realize the transcendental nature of his message and method. We may have quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the past but it may be worth repeating his words:

Jesus gave me the message. Gandhi gave me the method.

The Gandhian method places the process of achieving peace at the same pedestal as its attainment. For him the process and its attainment were inseparable. We do not tire of sharing with you our interpretation of this process at:

What has aroused our great interest more recently has been how, knowingly or unknowingly, President Obama has approached different policy matters using the same Gandhian method for transformation. Overall, we feel that he sees government's role as an agent of nonviolent transformation through active civic participation - an essential element of the Gandhian method.

In our next few posts we will analyze some of President Obama's initiatives and see them in light of the Gandhian method. But today we pause to commit to peace within ourselves and the world we live in. That is what Gandhi ji did all his life and our commitment would be the ultimate and most fitting homage.


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