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Declaration on Gujarat:
A Call to All Indians

The horrors of communal atrocities visited upon the people of Gujarat are unacceptable and inexcusable in any society; to think that they can be perpetrated in a civilized democracy flies in the face of the validity of these credentials that we routinely apply to India, our country.

The abdication of its constitutional duty by a branch of government that leads to the slaughtering of innocent civilians is not only reprehensible, shameful and disgusting but equally illegal. The state government of Gujarat is guilty of such an abdication. We, at Young India, deplore such inaction. We appeal to all Indians to come to the rescue of our fellow Indians, who have been victimized with the consent of the state and central governments.

This is a time to comfort them and make them believe that we love and care for the victims. The vehemence of our outrage applies equally to all violence irrespective of the religion of the victims. We join hands with all organizations who are tirelessly working to restore a sense of normalcy to these now homeless and terrified people. Let the world know that Indians care for all Indians. Let them also know that such carnage only firms our resolve to ensure that our national consciousness is based on religious equality and not exclusivity.

This is a warning to all Hindu and Muslim supremacists and fundamentalists. If they do not give up their terrorist ways then we the people of India will make sure that their oblivion is not too far in the future. And we shall achieve this end not with the violent brutality that they have made their creed, but through the overwhelming rejection of their narrow ideological existence, which is completely devoid of a social consciousness. We must not lose. We will not be defeated. It's time for peace and harmony to conquer violence and hate.

Enlist your support to this cause. Generations to come will be grateful for it.

I hearby offer solidarity and support to this endeavor for national unity and harmony.
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