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An Indian's Demand to be Represented

Hon'ble Member of Parliament,

The latest edicts issued by the CBSE under the auspices of the HRD Ministry are highly disturbing. We, as citizens and well-wishers of India, cannot just be mere spectators as changes are made to the curricula, designed to educate our nation's future, without any discussion or consulation with not just the parliament but more importantly the citizens of India. It is highly disturbing that the tampering with hitherto independent educational entities: the CBSE and NCERT has been carried out unilaterally by our own government in whom we as a democracy have placed our collective trust.

We cannot seek better solace than from people like you, whom we have elected to represent our values and aspirations and such radical policies are a complete negation of all that is good about us. It is an undesirable evolution of our system of government, where the people's representatives pay no heed to the sensitivities of the citizenry and neither do they attempt a rigorous well-intentioned discourse as should be the case in civilized societies like us. The BJP-led NDA government may or may not have received our votes but in the grand tradition of democracy we respect their governance. But such actions make it hard for the citizens of this great country to maintain that respect in good faith. Education is a matter that affects ALL Indians and not just staunch supporters or critics of the current government.

We hope that you and your fellow parliamentarians will not tire fighting for us and our aspirations. We extend our full support to you in this fight for the truth to save a generation from being misguided and hence a nation. We cannot expect anything less from ourselves and you. This is democracy's true test.

Jai Hind.


Rohit Tripathi.
Young India

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