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Leonard Weiss

Leonard Weiss received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1962 from Johns Hopkins University. His scientific career began as a researcher in system theory and the theory of automatic control at the Research Institute of Advanced Studies in Baltimore. This was followed by tenured Professorships in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at Brown University and the University of Maryland. In 1976 he received a one year IEEE Congressional Fellowship that resulted in a career change, and from 1976 until 1999 he worked in the U.S. Senate, for all but the first year as a staff director for the Committee on Governmental Affairs. He organized the staff and agenda for the first subcommittee in the Senate dealing specifically with the issue of nuclear proliferation, and was the chief architect of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978. During his years on the Governmental Affairs Committee he was Senator John Glenn's principal advisor on issues of arms control, science and technology, energy, and government management. He is currently an independent consultant.

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