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A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

2004: Shaping the Debate for Democracy
A Call to Action

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6:30pm, Thursday, October 2nd 2003


House International Relations Committee Room,
Room 2255 Rayburn Office Building
Capitol Hill, Washington DC

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Congressman John Lewis (D), GA
Hon’ble Mr.Mani Shankar Aiyar, Indian National Congress
Dr.Doug Johnston, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy

** India Exhibit and meeting with speakers starting at 5:30pm**

Political ownership through participation was a cornerstone of Mahatma Gandhi’s strategy for transformation. He realized that a meaningful mass movement must provide the citizenry reasons to engage. Issues that affected people in their daily lives were woven together to create a vision that formed the basis for mass action. Such was the vision that Gandhi gave his fellow citizens to sow the seeds of a democratic nation.

A focused vision to reconnect citizens to their own governments lies at the core of the democratic challenge at hand. The vision we formulate and act upon today is inspired by the Gandhian method for transformation. The first step in this process requires us to recognize the immediate challenges, which are the elections in 2004 – in the United States and India.

Why and how should citizens like us reclaim our democracy? This event is the first step in our quest to answer this very question that plagues all democracies today. We will hear from speakers who have addressed this question in the past and continue to do so today. Their experiences and ideas will help us all respond to the dynamic challenges that our democracies face today.

As we recall the great battles of a fearless soul, we hope to inspire ourselves and others anew to take up the mantle of history, which is now ours to carry. We sincerely hope you will join us.



Public Transportation Recommended!!!

  • The Rayburn Office building is on Independence Ave across from the main Capitol Building between 1st St SW and South Capitol St SE.
  • Get off metro BLUE/ORANGE LINE station Capitol South
  • The Capitol South Metro is across the street from the O'Neill House Office Building and the Madison Building of the Library of Congress.
  • Walk towards Independence Ave.
  • Turn left on Independence and walk for a block.
  • The building is right after South Capitol St SE.
  • ** Enter through Independence Ave Entrance. **


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