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From the Editor

What is SAMAY? SAMAY is Time. It is a journey unto itself. It is introspection while watching the world outside. It is like a child playing on the porch watching the world pass by. It all happens before his eyes and yet the child is absorbed in playing. This is the sort of aloofness time seems to have. Well, that's about to change.

We are at a juncture in this story of time to which we have to pay attention. It is time to pause and reflect. Things are moving fast around us and constantly evolving. Yet even in this dynamic universe of ours, we a mere microcosm, some things are regrettably permanent. The permanence of misery moves us from time to time in varying degrees. This movement, however, reminds us that there is more to our perfunctory existences - Life. Locomotion is one overt characteristic of life and at a deeper level a moving conscience validates our physical existence to us. It proves to us that we are more than just flesh, blood and bones. SAMAY will try to keep our collective conscience alive.

Yet we cannot take life too seriously. A measure of a society's health is the state of humor in it. No kidding…laughter is the best medicine. Our goal will be to provide you with thoughtful writings and a positivism that we can channelize into tangible action. While all this is happening we want our readers to enjoy themselves as we plan to do the same.

SAMAY is the saga of our times that YOUNG INDIA will narrate. YOUNG INDIA is a group founded in 1997 to explore peace and the oneness that pervades all of human existence. We hope that this tale we tell touches everyone. We all are its characters. We hope that you find these writings insightful. SAMAY is one of YOUNG INDIA's most cherished contributions and seeks your readership in these days of its infancy. . We invite you all to join us in sharing your dreams of a better world - today and tomorrow.

The journey begins…